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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

See I'd always heard

         after bukowski,

    oets were pansy, pantywaist, cultural parasites,
    society's way of weeding out the emotionally dangerous,
    so, naturally, I signed right up .. blues music to my ear,
    then I found out that drugs, loose women and rock 'n'
    roll were part of the mix and I've been addicted to putting
    up with maniacs ever since .. if someone tries to hurt you
    beat 'em to death with asterisks and chanting, they'll come
    around .. and if they don't - fuck'em - cheap, superficial one
    nighters are almost mandatory for cultural parasites anyways,
    proof of the rule that one who'll pass out pieces of astronomically
    priced mind to anyone for the pleasure of the moment is a tramp ..
    and with that I'll have saxophone, cognac, and a few more buttons

        -beau blue


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