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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

John McAfee's Latest Drama

Looks like my old friend John McAfee's in some real trouble. But never fear - John's turning the situation into a profit making adventure. The Hinterland is his new blog - where he's trying to turn up the heat on Belize while hiding out from being a "person of interest" in a bizarre murder. The story goes something like this:

Ballad of the Hinterland

A compound, with high walls and loud dogs,
and people living high off the hog.
A Caribbean tableau
is all the media can show,
so the humans get lost in its fog.

A tech pirate named John McAfee
is hiding from police in Belize.
He keeps calling the press
as he tries to finesse
his way out of a death in the cayes.

Multi-millionaire Gregory's dead
from a bullet, a nine mil, to the head.
And many theories abound,
even one with a clown,
an old man, and two girls in a bed.

Now Jamaica's just due east of here.
Colombia's south east and quite near.
So drugs flow like wine,
by boat most all of the time,
and hard men own the docks and the piers.

So drug smugglers live in Belize
Its police have agendas to please.
When white men get confused
and someone shoots the wrong who,
it's best if one hides in the weeds.

A dozen people that Saturday night
witnessed McAfee chase his delight.
One girl of twenty, another nineteen
made John's Viagra stand up and scream,
then spooned him 'til dawn's early light.

But Gregory's evening was far worse.
In fact, you could say it was cursed.
Someone broke into his place
and shot him once in the face
and that's hardly a Caribbean first.

So John and his girl's on the lam,
posting to blogs when they can,
staying one jump in front
of corrupt cops on the hunt
and trying to live off the land.

How this ends is anyone's guess.
It's certainly one hell of a mess.
John's in another disguise
cause he won't pay a bribe
to a Prime Minister's bulging war chest.

-Beau Blue


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